Gateway's Classroom Environment

The academic classrooms at Gateway Private School are highly structured environments that modulate to meet the needs of each individual student.


Each class is staffed by a state licensed, highly qualified teacher who receives support from a behavior support staff who is well versed in the implementation of positive behavior reinforcement and restorative justice practices.


Each class focuses on developing mastery of the academic skills and knowledge set forth by the state in each subject area. The curriculum is adapted to allow students to access the material in order to learn and demonstrate progress. Classes are designed to maximize the amount of instruction and educational support while incorporating multiple modalities of learning in order to give students the best opportunity to learn in their own individual way!


The curriculum is designed to meet the educational needs of the students based on their Individualized Education Plan, the Virginia Standards of Learning, and the curriculum taught in his/ her base school, in addition to the student’s individual interests and transition goals, whether college-bound or preparing for vocational training.

Staff to Student Ratio:

The staff to student ratio will never exceed 1:4, but may be less based on the needs of the students in the class.

One-on-one aides are available as needed