Intensive Individualized:

Therapeutic Care

Behavior Modification

Behavior Support Plans

Behavior Support Teams

Problem solving skills

Behavior modification

Anger management

Substance abuse awareness education and prevention

Conflict resolution

Independent Living Skills

Attitude/Behavior Skill Building

Respect for Authority

Thinking Errors


Therapeutic Recreational Activities

Exploratory Group/Art Therapy

Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Independent Living Skills

Restorative Justice Modalities

The staff at Gateway are here to provide a highly structured and caring environment where we can all work together to develop skills for success!



Gateway's Clinical Director is a Licensed Clinician and holds a doctorate in psychology. The Clinical Director develops the therapeutic systems set in place using 30 years of experience and proven successful outcomes. Gateway's Clinical Director works with students and staff to ensure there is a healthy working environment for each individual to experience success and self-sufficiency.


The School QMHP-C is trained in providing mental health services to our students. The School QMHP-C compliments the school's behavior system by assisting students with developing healthy self-esteem, building appropriate social skills, and developing healthy coping skills using therapeutic interventions.


Provide behavioral support within the classroom to encourage a productive learning environment and promote positive and pro-social behavior. Behavioral Support Staff encourage team building, self esteem, problem-solving skills, and effective communication skills.


Each student is given the opportunity to work with the team of teachers and professionals to identify areas of concentration, and to develop plans and solutions. Each student is assigned a case manager who will assist with the development of the individualized plan, with collaboration from teachers, parents, LEA’s and if necessary, social workers, probation officers and other therapeutic staff. Specific goals with objectives and time lines are identified. Students are held accountable for their behaviors and taught respect for authority figures. The staff at Gateway Private School utilize natural consequences with cognitive/reality therapy as a means of modifying behavior and helping students reach their full potential.

Our therapeutic approach relies consistency and routines, from which students can learn to experience predictability. Students are then able to adapt their thinking patterns in order to make choices based on their desired outcomes. 


Each staff member, whether teacher, administrator or office personnel, undergo an intensive training in proactive approaches to managing and improving challenging behaviors. All staff are required to complete additional training and recertification throughout the year.

All staff are certified in Safe Crisis Management, CPR & First Aid.